First ride of the season left my legs feeling like shredded lettuce.

Runkeeper is a slick app to track your outdoor activities; the iPhone app is dead simple and the metrics on the web site are fairly deep. The best part is if you upgrade to the paid membership friends and family can follow your progress, which means if I end up in a ravine they can easily recover my body.

2 thoughts on “First ride of the season left my legs feeling like shredded lettuce.

  1. Very cool! I’ve been using Nike+ which only covers running/walking. I’ve used Runkeeper in the past and really liked it. I just like Nike+ because of its coaching feature… but maybe I’ll take a look at Runkeeper too.

    Did you buy a new bike? Any suggestions on finding one? Not sure what an adult bike goes for these days.

  2. Runkeeper has a coaching feature but I’ve been reluctant to use it for fear it’ll just mock me for my molasses like pace. :-S

    I bought a Trek Mamba with a pair of 29″ tires at Manchester Cycle for $829 back in the end of February. They’ve been fantastic for service, answering all my questions and steering me to a bike that’s right for how I ride and my wallet. They also sold Gabi her bike, hilarious watching her ride in the store, and tuned up Jenn’s bike. Great shop.

    Today was the first day I rode it hard and it was fantastic. Light, fast, and very comfortable. Climbed like a charm when my legs cooperated and it handled amazingly well on descents. Love this bike.

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